Friday, April 10, 2015

Behold the Geekiest Weekend is Nigh!


There are many weekends in a year... 52 to be exact. But only one of them can be the geekiest. What determines which weekend gets the coveted geekiest award? Well that's simple my geek/nerd minded friend.

April 10-12...

Why you might ask? Well, allow me to elaborate.

The Daredevil Cometh!

The release of Daredevil... a Netflix original. This long awaited Marvel series, is part of Marvel's phase three, and the beginning of the Invasion into streaming services of Marvel's universe. This is an unbelievably exciting period for Marvel Studio's as for the first time, many of Marvel's lesser known characters will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Be aware that Daredevil isn't rated, and apparently is much more violent and dark then it's mainstream cousin's on ABC. However it will soon be followed by Jessica Drew, and Luke Cage, and soon The Defenders. However, it all starts this weekend.

The Return of Game of Thrones...

Welcome back to Westeros, where murder and intrigue are most foul, you'll come for a wedding and stay for the dragons. The long anticipated 5th Season (series if your British) begins anew, beginning on Sunday. So yes, after you've finished mainlining Daredevil for 10 straight hours, Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and Stannis the Mannis demand your presence. Basically you'll be sitting on your couch for hours so prepare some popcorn, dawn your snuggy, and gather the loved once close as you brace for the certain and inevitable betrayals.

Megacon or How I Stopped Being Afraid and Embrace Cosplay.

 Megacon begins Friday and runs through Sunday. So just when you thought you had the perfect costume as the 24th Naruto... one of the biggest Con's of the year kicks off. Not to worry, I'm sure there will be Netflix in your hotel room in Orlando as you struggle to get your head into that well engineered Iron Man helmet. And of course you signed up for HBO's streaming service right? No? Well I guess you have somethings to do...

Behold the Geekiest Weekend is Nigh!

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